Giants News: Carlos Correa’s deal takes an intriguing turn

Once again, issues with Carlos Correa’s physical may complicate the completion of a long-term free agent contract.

If the Giants had been more persistent, could Correa’s contract have been changed?

Carlos Correa trade rumors

Last week, Scott Boras, Correa’s agent, quickly changed his mind and agreed to a deal with the New York Mets after the Giants asked for more time to review the medicals.

Due to the Giants’ alleged concerns with his medical evaluation, Correa’s initial 13-year, $350 million contract with them fell through, and his ensuing 12-year, $315 million contract with the New York Mets is now possibly in jeopardy.

After their owner, Steve Cohen, spoke about the deal in the media, it might be challenging for the Mets to completely renounce the deal. If the Mets continue to have concerns about Correa’s leg’s long-term stability, the parties might decide to restructure the contract.

Since two clubs found the same problem in their physical examinations of Correa, it might be challenging for him to return to the free-agent market and secure a comparable contract.

Can Correa be re-engaged by the Giants is a question that keeps coming up. Although the door may be slightly ajar, nothing will change until a deal with the Mets fails.

Correa and Boras are able to start looking for a new deal if the current one looks improbable. It’s difficult to alter course, as they did with the Giants last week, given that Correa’s leg concerns are now a known problem.

Next, we need to know why Correa abruptly left the Giants while giving the Mets more time to work out a deal. And if the Giants had put more effort into it, could Correa’s contract have been changed?

We might never fully comprehend what happened, despite the fact that it certainly seems likely. Currently, the only parties engaged in negotiations are Correa and the Mets.