Varsho, the Blue Jays’ newest addition, is excited for the new opportunity

Daulton Varsho believes his trade to the Toronto Blue Jays was one of the best things that could have happened to him.

Daulton Varsho believes he will improve at the Toronto Blue Jays

Daulton Varsho - Blue Jays

Varsho stated to reporters on Saturday: “You think you’re going to stay at one spot your whole career and usually that never happens, i’m glad I have family to be able to help me through.

“My dad (Gary Varsho) got traded so he knows exactly the feeling. He was with the Cubs for a long time and (then) going to Pittsburgh. But it was one of the greatest things for him, so I’m thinking the same thing. I’m coming to this winning team here in Toronto and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Varsho adds a much-needed left-handed power bat to the Blue Jays’ lineup, as well as a wealth of versatility.

Last season, he hit a career-high 27 home runs and was a Gold Glove finalist in right field and as a utility player. He also played center field and made 18 starts as a catcher.

In 151 games in 2022, Varsho drove in 74 runs, stole 16 bases, and hit.235.

According to Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins: “I think well-rounded is what comes to mind. The impact that he’s going to have on our team is going to be on every side of the ball — the base-running impact, the speed, the versatility, elite defense and the fact that he can also catch for us is about as good of a fit as possibly we could have found.

“I think it is the ideal fit for the roster and one that we are very excited about.”

“All trades are difficult,” Atkins said. “Having to acquire a player of this caliber … one of the better players in the game last year, you’re going to have to be uncomfortable. Including Lourdes Gurriel in the deal was difficult for us, but necessary from their end.

“They were looking to consolidate talent at the major league level as well. The prospect-driven deals (weren’t) as attractive to them.”

Varsho was one of the Diamondbacks’ young, talented outfielders last season, when they went 74-88. Varsho will primarily play left field, bolstering a new-look outfield that includes George Springer and Kevin Kiermaier, who signed a deal with the Blue Jays on Dec. 15, according to Atkins.