Twins’ stance on Carlos Correa reunion

The Minnesota Twins would like to re-sign Carlos Correa amid his injury concerns looming on the back burner.

The Twins reportedly do not believe they have a realistic chance of landing the star in free agency

Twins- Carlos Correa reunion


Dan Hayes and Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic reports that a team source believes Correa and the New York Mets would prefer to complete a deal despite the current uncertainty surrounding the situation.

Anthony DiComo of reported Monday that there is “significant incentive for both sides to finalize the contract.”

It will be interesting to see how the Twins approach the situation if Correa and the Mets decide to part ways.

Given his injury concerns, the star shortstop may have difficulty finding a new home in that situation. After two teams backed out, teams would be hesitant to give him a long-term contract.

As a result, if Carlos Correa leaves New York, the Twins will almost certainly be in the driver’s seat. However, as previously stated, it is still expected that Correa will sign a contract with the Mets.