Rumors: Some Dodgers players are perfectly content to play with Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer could return to the major leagues soon. There was speculation that he would return to his previous team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Trevor Bauer would be welcomed back to the LA Dodgers

Trevor Bauer back

Baseball blogger Dan Clark attempted to demonstrate that the Dodgers would welcome Bauer back to the team. He claimed in a tweet (with comments disabled) that he reached out to ten current Dodgers players last week and that four of them responded saying they have no reservations about bringing Bauer back to the team.

Clark, who smugly declared that a few Dodgers players being cool with Bauer on the team was indicative of Bauer’s mistreatment, didn’t reveal who the anonymous players were.

According to recent reports, Los Angeles intends to release Bauer due to concerns about adding him to the clubhouse. This was also the reported stance of most Dodgers players during their initial suspension.

Several women have accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault. When the allegations first surfaced, the 31-year-old pitcher was suspended for two years, but he now faces a 194-game suspension. Aside from the allegations, Bauer has previously been a disruptive presence in a clubhouse.