The Twins are getting closer to signing Carlos Correa – MLB insider reports

The Minnesota Twins are inching closer to luring Carlos Correa away from the New York Mets.

It appears that Minnesota Twins’ subversion is about to get even crazier

Carlos Correa - Twins


According to Ken Rosenthal, who cites three different sources, the Twins and Correa’s camp are ‘accelerating’ contract talks.

Late Monday night, Rosenthal reported: “Two club sources said Monday that talks between the Twins and Correa have begun to accelerate. A separate major-league source confirmed the development as well.”

This is a significant development, indicating that the rumors that began late last week were more than just rumblings. In a matter of days — less than a week — the Twins went from being in contact with Correa to being in a position to potentially sign him away from the Mets.

It appeared that Scott Boras was using the Twins as a bargaining chip to try to force Steve Cohen‘s hand when Jon Heyman and Greg Joyce reported the Twins were back in on Correa.

The Mets owner has been hesitant to continue negotiations with Correa due to concerns about the shortstop’s physical with the team, and he was holding $315 million on his side of the table.

The medical issue is the result of a decade-old leg injury that doctors believe may have flared up in September. Correa didn’t miss any significant time, but two different teams flagged his physical, causing a combined contract value of more than $600 million to fall through the cracks and freezing Correa’s free agency in the dead of winter.

Correa appeared to have signed somewhere other than Minnesota twice, but the third time could be the charm for the Twins.

It’s unclear whether the Twins are still offering Correa their original 10-year, $285 million contract. As it became clear that the Twins’ interest in Correa was serious, there was speculation that an offer to Correa might be for fewer years and less money, but with a higher AAV.

Nothing is certain at the moment, but it appears that the Twins have renewed their interest in Correa and may end up landing him.