The Mets must take the Twins’ renewed interest in Carlos Correa seriously

If the New York Mets are not careful, they may lose Carlos Correa to the Minnesota Twins.

The Mets must consider the Twins’ renewed interest in Carlos Correa

The Mets must consider the Twins' renewed interest in Carlos Correa

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Mets owner Steve Cohen appears to be fairly confident that the team will eventually sign shortstop Carlos Correa, but some in baseball are skeptical.

While Cohen is used to getting what he wants — primarily because he has enough money to do so, particularly in baseball terms — Correa and Scott Boras have grown tired of waiting.

First, due to physical issues, the San Francisco Giants refused to give Correa the long-term contract the two sides had previously agreed upon. Correa is now dealing with the same problem in New York.

The Minnesota Twins, who Correa played for last season, have reportedly reengaged with some interest in the star shortstop on a similar short-term deal.


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Why have the Mets yet to sign Carlos Correa?

New York had concerns about Carlos Correa’s physical, primarily because of a leg injury he sustained in the minor leagues.

The injury necessitated surgery, and Correa had a plate installed near his ankle, which was discovered during his physical.

While Correa has been able to play on that ankle for quite some time now without missing significant playing time, both the Giants and New York were concerned about his long-term durability, especially before committing to him on a long-term basis.

Could Carlos Correa choose the Twins over the Mets?

Carlos Correa would prefer a long-term contract, preferably with New York if they are willing to pay him, but there has been no resolution for over a week.

Other teams have expressed interest in Scott Boras, but they are likely only interested in signing Correa to a short-term contract, which is similar to the situation he faced last offseason.

Correa wants a long-term contract, and if the Mets are willing to give him one, he will sign it. If not, the Twins might have a chance.