Rumor from Boston provide the Cubs’ plans for Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa is a player the Cubs are interested in, and they anticipated him to sign a sizable contract this offseason.

Do the Cubs actually want to sign Carlos Correa?

Cubs - Carlos Correa trade

Correa has received contracts from the Cubs and other organizations. Correa is still unsigned, so it is obvious that Scott Boras is still looking for a contract.

Since Correa, the top free agent shortstop, is the youngest at 28 years old and is not restricted by a qualifying offer, it is now expected that his contract will exceed $300 million and most likely be much higher than that.

According to Boston Globe reporter Pete Abraham, three or four teams reportedly made Bogaerts offers of more than $200 million before being outbid by the Padres and their $280 million offer.

Let’s assume that the Cubs were one of the teams to make Bogaerts a more than $200 million offer even though they haven’t been mentioned in any other reports that confirm it.

It is not absurd to think that they offered him something. If they did and it cost that much, you can assume that they’d go all out for Correa.

That can’t be too far-fetched, though I may be being overly optimistic. The Cubs are out there in the open telling the public that Jed Hoyer has the money to spend on their main radio station.

Hoyer is not currently caving in, despite the fact that you have every reason to be skeptical about whether he will actually reach a deal with Correa. Swanson has primarily been associated with the Cubs this offseason, but Correa must still be the team’s top priority since if not, the Cubs would have already signed Swanson.

Furthermore, I don’t believe that Correa joining the Cubs is even remotely certain. Here, I want to emphasize that I do think they’ll have a compelling offer for him. Consequently, other teams will do the same. The Giants might also be interested in Correa, and the Twins are desperate for him to come back.

Maybe it won’t be the Giants, though. It would be a relief to get rid of a large shark. But are the Yankees still making an effort to sign Correa?

If the Cubs are seeing the market develop at this level. Why not make a full commitment to Carlos Correa, the best player?