Katie Price shows off her ”biggest-ever” breasts in a tiny bikini and her huge new tattoo

Attempting to achieve the title of “biggest in Britain,” the 44-year-old model flaunted her newly enhanced breasts in a skimpy white bikini.

Katie Price unveils a massive new tattoo and flaunts her “biggest-ever” breasts in a skimpy bikini

The mother of five was on a beach in Thailand enjoying her half-term break, where her surgically enhanced figure and numerous inkings were on full display.

Her most recent body modification is a huge, cursive inking of the word “family” on her right knee.

Her mother Amy, 70, has a terminal lung condition called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, so this is likely a tribute to her.

The model has gotten a few tattoos in Thailand, but this one is the latest in a long line of body modifications.

It has recently come to light that Katie has avoided a bankruptcy court hearing for the fourth time in regards to the repayment of her £3.2 million in debt.

The hearing for the former glamour model to answer questions about her bankruptcy was scheduled for Thursday, February 9, but has now been ‘vacated.

The hearing, during which Katie will be questioned about her finances, has been set for April 12 at 12 p.m.

Katie, who filed for bankruptcy this year, established a payment plan with her debtors.

The mother of five, who took 14 lavish trips in the past year, has promised to repay the company’s creditors £12,000 per month through an individual voluntary arrangement.

According to our source, “the court will wish to know where every penny of her income comes from,” including whether or not she earns it by selling old clothes on Depop or by stripping out of her clothes on OnlyFans.

Until then, the court has no way of knowing whether or not she has the means to repay her debts.

“I can confirm that the hearing on 9/2/23 has been vacated,” the court official said.

Katie has been given yet another last-minute reprieve from her June 2022 bankruptcy court hearing, making this her fourth time avoiding jail.

The judge had scheduled the former model’s appearance at the Royal Court of Justice to hear her explanation for the millions of dollars she has failed to repay.

However, at the last minute, the hearing was postponed without explanation from her attorneys.

Creditors were informed that Price had paid off a “substantial sum” of money owed, so the hearing originally scheduled for November 2021 was pushed back to February.

If the bankruptcy judge determines that Katie has not fulfilled her responsibility to repay her creditors, he has the authority to place her in jail.

In 2019, Katie’s perfume and cosmetics line, Jordan Trading Ltd, failed and she was declared bankrupt with debts of £3.2m.

After spending £2 million on renovations to her country estate, she was supposed to explain to a judge how she was able to afford them. This included her income from TV work, including a Channel 4 show.

Katie seems to have lived a lavish lifestyle despite being broke, traveling to exotic locations like Las Vegas and Thailand with her boyfriend Carl Woods.