‘The return of glamour model Jordan.’ | Katie Price makes me think of ”old-school Jordan” as she shows off her biggest boob job ever

Mum-of-five Katie Price flaunts he enviable figure, which includes size 2120 CC breast implants, and ‘the return of glamour model Jordan.’

Katie Price ”channels vintage Jordan” for sexy photo shoot shows off biggest boob job ever

Katie Price, a former reality TV star, is proving that she still has what it takes to be a top-tier glamour model.

The 44-year-old mother of five posed for a sexy photoshoot in Thailand to show off the results of her most recent breast augmentation surgery, which are rumored to have given her her biggest boobs to date.

Katie was spotted flaunting her 16th procedure in a skimpy pink bikini as she relaxed poolside, and she looked happier than ever with her new look.

Katie and her kids had a great time in Thailand with Carl Woods, her on-and-off fiance.

While getting a tan, Katie channeled her early modeling persona, “Jordan,” and flaunted her new tattoos, impressive abs, and most notably, her extremely prominent chest.

Katie, a fan favorite on reality television, pouted for the cameras as she climbed seductively out of the hotel pool, channeling her inner Jordan.

Katie basked in the Thai sun, flashing the camera her many tattoos and glowing skin.


The actress re-created her iconic ‘Jordan’ look by wearing dark eye make-up and wearing her ultra-long brunette hair straight, wet for effect.

Katie was snapped taking iPhone selfies while exposing her tattooed body in scant beachwear.