Jim Harbaugh has NOT been given a new contract by Michigan

In 2023, no one but Jim Harbaugh (and possibly his wife) will know where he will coach. There’s a chance he’ll stay with Michigan, but he could always transfer to another school or even leave for the NFL. However, Harbaugh would need to be offered a job by an NFL team in order to return to the league. However, it appears that has not taken place.

Michigan has NOT signed Jim Harbaugh to a new deal

Michigan has NOT signed Jim Harbaugh to a new deal
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Thursday, UM President Santa Ono tweeted that he and Athletic Director Warde Manuel want Harbaugh to stay at UM. Harbaugh thanked them for their support in a tweet of his own.

Ono and Manuel may want Harbaugh to stay at UM, but The Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis says that UM has not offered Harbaugh a new contract.

But a source who did not want to be named because they were not allowed to talk about the matter said that Michigan has not yet made a contract offer.

The source told The Detroit News, “There’s nothing at all on the table—not even a napkin.”

Harbaugh might still get a job offer

Even though no offer has been made to Harbaugh as of yet, that doesn’t mean one won’t be made. In fact, it appears an offer will be made sooner rather than later after Ono tweeted what he did earlier today.

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Does Harbaugh accept the challenge?

To recap what Harbaugh had to say about it a week ago, here it is:

“While no one knows what the future holds, I expect that I will be enthusiastically coaching Michigan in 2023,” he said. “I have spoken with President Ono and Athletic Director Warde Manuel and appreciate their support of me and our program. Our mission as Wolverines continues, and we are preparing for the 2023 season with great passion and enthusiasm. As our legendary coach Bo Schembechler said, “Those Who Stay Will be Champions.”

Whom does the nation want Harbaugh to coach for in 2023?