According to the report, the Mets will proceed with the Carlos Correa trade

The Mets and Giants both identified an issue with Carlos Correa’s physical, but it does not appear that the two situations will end similarly.

Carlos Correa and the Mets are still expected to reach an agreement

Carlos Correa - Mets

According to Jesse Rogers of ESPN, the Mets are “working through” the medical issue raised during Correa’s Mets physical, and a deal remains likely.

The situation could end with Correa and the Mets renegotiating the contract, possibly for fewer years and less money, or with the addition of a clause that would not guarantee some money if Correa missed time due to his leg injury.

Both parties have numerous incentives to reach an agreement. Correa’s market value would undoubtedly suffer if he had to re-enter free agency after two teams flagged his leg issue as serious enough to necessitate a contract rework.

Concerning the Mets, backing out of the deal now could make them look bad, especially since owner Steve Cohen has been open about it.

Before, Correa had agreed to a reported 13-year, $350 million contract with the Giants before the Giants backed out due to physical concerns.