The owner of the New York Mets may face ‘grievance’ for celebrating Carlos Correa’s signing too soon

While New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has a lot to be happy about following the team’s surprise agreement with star shortstop Carlos Correa yesterday, the MLB executive could be getting calls from the league soon about his public thoughts on the move.

The New York Mets’ owner may face ‘grievance’ for prematurely celebrating Carlos Correa’s signing

The New York Mets' owner may face 'grievance' for prematurely celebrating Carlos Correa's signing

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The baseball world was turned upside down Wednesday morning when it was revealed that Carlos Correa would not be playing in San Francisco next season despite reportedly agreeing to a 13-year, $350 million contract with the Giants.

Instead, the two-time All-Star is expected to return to Flushing and join the Mets in 2023.

The major MLB free agency shakeup occurred after issues with Correa’s physical caused the Giants to hesitate and postpone their introductory press conference with the 28-year-old.

During that time, the New York Mets swooped in and signed Correa to a 12-year, $315 million contract.

The tentative agreement brings the Mets’ wild and expensive offseason to a close. However, a moment of candor following the announcement may have landed the franchise’s owner, Steve Cohen, in hot water with MLB.

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The owner of the New York Mets may have spoken too soon about the signing of Carlos Correa

There is a reason why teams keep signings under wraps until they are officially signed and announced. This is a violation of the league’s collective bargaining agreement. Following the shocking news yesterday, Cohen told the New York Post, “We needed one more thing, and this is it. This was important … This puts us over the top.”

That appears to be a notable no-no given that their deal, like the one with the Giants, is still not final and is a bit premature with a player who is not officially on the roster.

“Now that Cohen has weighed in on his deal with Correa, the Mets could face a grievance if their medical team does not recommend finalizing the deal. This remains an evolving story.”

It is unclear what kind of penalty could be imposed in a grievance filing, or if one will be imposed at all. However, given that Cohen is set to pay $111 million in payroll tax penalties in 2023, it’s unlikely he’ll be too concerned.