Week 6 NFL Power Rankings in 2022: 1-32 poll, playoff chances

We’ll provide NFL Week 6 Power Rankings 2022: 1-32 poll, playoff chances, and more below.

NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 in 2022: 1-32 poll, playoff chances


Here is the NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 in 2022:

  •  Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)
  • Buffalo Bills (4-1)
  •  Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)
  •  Minnesota Vikings (4-1)
  •  Dallas Cowboys (4-1)
  •  San Francisco 49ers (3-2)
  •  Baltimore Ravens (3-2)
  •  Green Bay Packers (3-2)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (3-2)
  • New York Giants (4-1)
  • Miami Dolphins (3-2)
  • Los Angeles Rams (2-3)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (2-3)
  • Tennessee Titans (3-2)
  • New York Jets (3-2)
  • New Orleans Saints (2-3)
  • Cleveland Browns (2-3)
  • New England Patriots (2-3)
  • Seattle Seahawks (2-3)
  • Arizona Cardinals (2-3)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)
  • Denver Broncos (2-3)
  • Atlanta Falcons (2-3)
  • Indianapolis Colts (2-2-1)
  •  Las Vegas Raiders (1-4)
  • Chicago Bears (2-3)
  • Houston Texans (1-3-1)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4)
  • Detroit Lions (1-4)
  • Washington Commanders (1-4)
  • Carolina Panthers (1-4)

Let’s start.

Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

Week 5 ranking: 1

Chance to make the playoffs: 99.0%
Chance to win their division: 87.8%

The Chiefs must improve their red zone defense. They were allowing a touchdown on 80% of their opponents’ trips inside the 20-yard line, which was the worst in the league going into Monday’s game against the Raiders.

2. Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Week 5 ranking: 2

Chance to make the playoffs: 99.1%
Chance to win their division: 90.9%

It’s difficult to imagine this team missing the playoffs, but one area where the offense has struggled is establishing a running game outside of quarterback Josh Allen.

The Bills’ offense is already performing well, led by Allen, an early MVP candidate, but getting the running backs going consistently would boost Buffalo’s potential and help Allen avoid injury.

 3. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)

Week 5 ranking: 3

Chance to make the playoffs: 99.6%
Chance to win their division: 72.0%

The Eagles are in good shape as the only remaining undefeated team, but the recent rash of injuries to their offensive front is worth keeping an eye on.

Tackle Jordan Mailata (right shoulder), center Jason Kelce (left ankle), and guards Landon Dickerson (leg) and Isaac Seumalo (ankle) are all questionable for Sunday’s divisional game against the Cowboys, who are 4-1.

At this point, none of the injuries appear to be long-term, but the Eagles will need it to stay that way if their dynamic offense is to continue to thrive.

 4. Minnesota Vikings (4-1)

Week 5 ranking: 7

Chance to make the playoffs: 76.9%
Chance to win their division: 34.9%

Because of their hot start, the Vikings have an excellent chance of making the playoffs.

However, they’ve had to come back from late fourth-quarter deficits in each of their last three games, and that pattern is unlikely to continue.

 5. Dallas Cowboys (4-1)

Week 5 ranking: 11

Chance to make the playoffs: 96.3%
Chance to win their division: 26.5%

Is the offense capable of scoring more points? So far this season, the defense has carried the day, especially in Dak Prescott’s absence, but the Cowboys have yet to score more than 25 points in a game.

They will have to win a game with a score in the 30s at some point. Do the Cowboys have enough weapons to win a high-scoring game even if Prescott returns to the lineup?

 6. San Francisco 49ers (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 12

Chance to make the playoffs: 80.0%
Chance to win their division: 68.6%

Injuries are jeopardizing the 49ers’ playoff chances. This has become a common refrain for the Niners in recent years, with varying degrees of success.

They were fortunate in 2019 in that the majority of their injuries were not season-ending, and so far this year has been the same.

However, the 49ers are treading carefully and have already dug deep into their depth.

 7. Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 9

Chance to make the playoffs: 85.2%
Chance to win their division: 66.3%

Outside of tight end Mark Andrews, Lamar Jackson has no reliable targets in the passing game, which could be a problem.

Baltimore’s wide receivers have combined for 542 yards receiving, which is the league’s second-lowest total.

Rashod Bateman, the expected No. 1 wide receiver, has struggled to stay healthy and is currently dealing with a left foot injury.

8.  Green Bay Packers (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 4

Chance to make the playoffs: 91.0%
Chance to win their division: 64.7%

Right now, neither Matt LaFleur nor defensive coordinator Joe Barry are playing to the Packers’ strengths.

The offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has RPO freedom at the line of scrimmage, have skewed away from the run, which should be one of Green Bay’s strengths with backs like Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon.

And, with his defensive talent, Barry should be able to hold a two-touchdown lead, as the Packers did Sunday against a Giants team missing three of its top receivers.

If the Packers address these issues, they may not have to worry about making the playoffs.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 8

Chance to make the playoffs: 96.5%
Chance to win their division: 93.8%

A completely rebuilt interior offensive line, multiple injuries to the wide receiving corps, a banged-up defensive backfield, and the absence of Rob Gronkowski have all created new challenges for Tom Brady and company.

The Buccaneers just haven’t looked like themselves. They should win the NFC South because it appears to be a weak division this year, but their lack of continuity with so many new pieces may prevent them from advancing far in the playoffs.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 13

Chance to make the playoffs: 79.0%
Chance to win their division: 10.9%

The Chargers have had several key players suffer significant injuries. Rashawn Slater (biceps) has been placed on injured reserve, so the Bolts have turned to rookie sixth-round pick Jamaree Salyer.

The performance of young players filling in at key positions will be critical to making a playoff run.

11. New York Giants (4-1)

Week 5 ranking: 14

Chance to make the playoffs: 53.4%
Chance to win their division: 1.5%

The NFC East is currently the best division in the NFL, with the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants going 13-2.

That is the Giants’ only significant impediment to making the playoffs. They still have three games left against the Eagles, the Cowboys, and the Commanders.

The Giants could make the playoffs if they perform well within their division (they were 1-5 in 2021 and are already 0-1 this season).

12. Miami Dolphins (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 5

Chance to make the playoffs: 61.0%
Chance to win their division: 7.1%

The health of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who is still in concussion protocol after being hospitalized briefly in Week 4, is critical. There is no timetable for his return, at least none that the Dolphins have publicly shared, and their first game without him was a flop.

Miami’s schedule over the next two months is simple enough to reclaim the AFC lead with Tagovailoa at quarterback. Anyone else’s confidence dwindles.

13. Los Angeles Rams (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 6

Chance to make the playoffs: 18.6%
Chance to win their division: 8.0%

Los Angeles must improve its offensive line. The Rams have victories over the Cardinals and Falcons this season, but they are 0-3 against tough opponents such as Buffalo, San Francisco, and Dallas.

In those three losses, the Rams have allowed 19 sacks, which is notable. The offensive line is clearly a problem, limiting the Rams’ ability to make plays downfield.

Until that is addressed, Matthew Stafford will continue to take a beating, and their chances of making the playoffs are in doubt.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 10

Chance to make the playoffs: 49.3%
Chance to win their division: 17.6%

Right now, the Bengals’ offense is easily stifled. Anyone who has followed the Bengals through five games should not be surprised. Opposing defenses have rendered Cincinnati’s ability to find explosive plays down the field obsolete, and the Bengals are looking for a solution.

15. Tennessee Titans (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 16

Chance to make the playoffs: 35.4%
Chance to win their division: 29.8%

Despite a three-game winning streak, the Titans’ second-half struggles continue. Tennessee has been outscored 71-14 in the second half of its five games and has scored in only two of them.

With games against the Chiefs, Packers, and Eagles on the horizon, the Titans will need to figure out how to play complementary football in the second half.

16. New York Jets (3-2)

Week 5 ranking: 23

Chance to make the playoffs: 25.6%
Chance to win their division: 1.5%

The Jets require elite quarterback play. To be fair, Zach Wilson is 2-0 since returning from a knee injury and has put together five consecutive good quarters, but he has yet to show that he can carry the team for an entire game.

In his career, he has yet to have a 300-yard passing game or a three-touchdown pass game.

The Jets’ offense is intended to be balanced, putting less pressure on the quarterback, but there will be times when they need Wilson to save them.

17. New Orleans Saints (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 24

Chance to make the playoffs: 11.1%
Chance to win their division: 1.8%

This season, the Saints have been their own worst enemy, committing turnovers at inopportune times (they are last in the league in turnover differential) and being hampered by key penalties.

18. Cleveland Browns (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 18

Chance to make the playoffs: 35.6%
Chance to win their division: 16.0%

The combination of missing starting quarterback Deshaun Watson for another six games (suspension) and an underachieving defense with one of the league’s toughest remaining schedules may dampen postseason hopes.

By then, Cleveland’s playoff hopes may be dim, if not extinguished entirely.

19. New England Patriots (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 27

Chance to make the playoffs: 12.7%
Chance to win their division: 0.5%

The Patriots have a turnover differential of -2, which is unusual for them. They have 10 turnovers in five games this season.

And it’s no coincidence that the Patriots won the turnover battle and played their best overall game of the season against the Lions on Sunday.

This will be the first key to New England potentially making the playoffs in an increasingly difficult AFC East: learning not to lose before learning to win.

20. Seattle Seahawks (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 20

Chance to make the playoffs: 4.7%
Chance to win their division: 1.6%

The Seahawks are off to another disastrous defensive start. They rated last in yards allowed per play and 31st in points allowed per game, allowing 84 in the last two weeks.

To escape with two narrow victories in the first five games, the Seahawks have needed every bit of brilliant play that Geno Smith has provided.

The only reason for optimism is that they have turned things around after similarly poor starts in each of the previous two seasons.

21. Arizona Cardinals (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 19

Chance to make the playoffs: 42.3%
Chance to win their division: 21.8%

The Cardinals are currently on an eight-game home losing streak that began in Week 8 of the 2021 season.

It is the NFL’s longest active home losing streak. If the Cardinals don’t start winning at home soon, they won’t be able to win enough games to make the playoffs.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 15

Chance to make the playoffs: 51.6%
Chance to win their division: 46.1%

Right now, the Jaguars’ quarterback play may be preventing them from taking control of the AFC South.

Trevor Lawrence has turned the ball over seven times in the last two games, both of which have ended in defeat.

Another major issue for Jacksonville is the deterioration of its run defense.

The Jaguars have permitted 326 yards in the last two games, nearly twice as many as they did in the first three games coupled (165)

23. Denver Broncos (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 17

Chance to make the playoffs: 4.6%
Chance to win their division: 0.2%

There may be no greater inhibiting factor to the Broncos’ playoff chances right now than their offense. The team has only permitted six touchdowns on defense in five games and is still 2-3.

This is due to a jumble of penalties, missed opportunities, and poor offensive decisions.

The Broncos have only six touchdowns, five points in the third quarter combined, 36 points in three home games, and are ranked last in red zone offense.

Oh, and they just lost a game last Thursday to the Colts, the only team that has scored fewer points than them.

24. Atlanta Falcons (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 21

Chance to make the playoffs: 21.7%
Chance to win their division: 3.8%

Only the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears finish fewer than 60% of their passes, and Marcus Mariota has seven fumbles in five games.

There have been times when Mariota has made elite-level plays, and he has run well (he is seventh in the NFL in rushing yards), but he has also made critical mistakes in almost every game this season.

25. Indianapolis Colts (2-2-1)

Week 5 ranking: 26

Chance to make the playoffs: 25.3%
Chance to win their division: 20.8%

The Colts’ stunningly poor offensive line performance is undermining everything good about the team. It’s a tired storyline, but it’s true.

The Colts currently rank 31st in pass block win percentage and 26th in run block win percentage.

 26. Las Vegas Raiders (1-4)

Week 5 ranking: 22

Chance to make the playoffs: 31.8%
Chance to win their division: 1.2%

The Raiders’ start would not be conducive to postseason success. Not to say it’s impossible, but only one team since 2000 has started a season 0-3 and rallied to make the playoffs, as the Raiders did this year.

27. Chicago Bears (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 28

Chance to make the playoffs: 1.6%
Chance to win their division: 0.2%

The Bears are in the process of rebuilding. The roster is their biggest obstacle to making the playoffs, and to be honest, Chicago isn’t even thinking about life in the playoffs.
That was never a reasonable expectation for the 2022 season.

28. Houston Texans (1-3-1)

Week 5 ranking: 32

Chance to make the playoffs: 4.1%
Chance to win their division: 3.4%

The Texans’ offense prevents them from being a legitimate playoff contender. The defense ranks 13th overall, allowing 19 points per game, but the offense averages 17 points per game, ranking 27th overall.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4)

Week 5 ranking: 29

Chance to make the playoffs: 0.5%
Chance to win their division: 0.1%

Through five games, no aspect of the Steelers’ game has performed well, but the most significant challenge has been a lack of pass rush. The Steelers have only three sacks in four games without T.J. Watt, and have gone two games without a single sack.

30. Detroit Lions (1-4)

Week 5 ranking: 25

Chance to make the playoffs: 0.7%
Chance to win their division: 0.1%

On defense, this team lacks a number of game-changing players in terms of talent.

And, after four weeks, the Lions did something no other team in league history had done since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger: they led the NFL in points per game while ranking last in points allowed.

32. Washington Commanders (1-4)

Week 5 ranking: 30

Chance to make the playoffs: 3.6%
Chance to win their division: 0.1%

Washington already has enough problems: its offensive line is still a problem, and injuries have left it with no room for error.

But the Commanders are having trouble getting out of their own way; they’ve committed a total of 20 penalties in the last two weeks.

It has already dropped them three games out of third place in the NFC East. They are lacking defensive playmakers and have only forced one turnover in five games.

32. Carolina Panthers (1-4)

Week 5 ranking: 31

Chance to make the playoffs: 2.1%
Chance to win their division: 0.7%

To put it simply, the Panthers have lost 11 of their last 12 games and are 11-27 since 2020, which is one of the main reasons coach Matt Rhule was fired on Monday.