Three improbable If the Raptors blow it up, Pascal Siakam will be forced to trade blockbusters

The Toronto Raptors are currently in a bad situation. They are currently outside the top ten in the Eastern Conference.

Pascal Siakam is one key element of the Raptors’ fortunes

Pascal Siakam

Right now, Toronto may be forced to accept that they must blow up their core and trade Siakam in order to move forward. As the trade deadline approaches, we’ll take a look at three potential blockbuster trade scenarios for Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam.

It is not surprising that the Raptors would demand a high price for Siakam. It’s only natural that they would if they were thinking about making changes to their roster. Let us now speculate on what a potential Pascal Siakam trade might look like in the future.

1. Sacramento Kings

In this scenario, the Raptors send Siakam to the Kings in exchange for a slew of Kings assets. With some picks, this could include any combination of Harrison Barnes, Keegan Murray, and Davion Mitchell.

The Raptors’ decision to trade Pascal Siakam, who has been a key player for the team and has even been their best player, will not be easy. However, given the team’s current record, trading their best player is not uncommon.

Barnes, who plays in a similar style to Siakam, has the potential to fill that role. If the Raptors decide to build around Barnes, they could do so with Barnes, Murray, and/or Mitchell.

2. Miami Heat

In this scenario, a deal centered on Pascal Siakam going to Miami in exchange for Bam Adebayo could be struck.

This season, the Raptors’ record has not been up to par. However, with Barnes demonstrating star potential, there is still hope for the team.

Barnes benefits from the trade of Siakam for Bam Adebayo in two ways. For starters, because their positions overlap, it allows Barnes to take on a larger role as the primary ball-handler. Adebayo’s defensive versatility will also be a welcome addition to the Raptors’ wing-heavy rotation.

Adebayo is also younger than Siakam. This is more in line with Barnes’ development timeline.

3. Phoenix Suns

Siakam swaps places with big man DeAndre Ayton in this scenario, which could be the craziest of them all.

Part of the goal of this deal is to give Barnes a bigger role and see if he benefits from being the team’s primary playmaker.

Remember that he and Siakam have similar playing styles. Bringing in Ayton should make things easier for Barnes and provide the Raptors with a legitimate center for the first time.