The proposed Yankees-White Sox trade by MLB Network appears insane

Former general manager Dan O’Dowd’s latest trade proposal on MLB Network may have MLB fans concerned about a hypothetical scenario in which the Yankees get their way.

So, what exactly is his trade proposal?

Gleyber Torres

By tying together two topics that have surrounded the Yankees this offseason — a Liam Hendriks import and a Gleyber Torres departure — O’Dowd appears to believe he has a solution for both New York and the Chicago White Sox.

Torres is traded to the White Sox in exchange for Hendriks and fellow reliever Garrett Crochet, who was fantastic in 2021 but missed all of 2022 due to Tommy John surgery.

The Yankees would make this hypothetical trade with the White Sox in a heartbeat because it appears to be massively lopsided in their favor, as they would be upgrading their bullpen x2 while releasing a player they don’t necessarily want or need.

But the White Sox would lose Crochet, who is under club control through 2026. That alone right there is a ton of future value they’re leaving on the table.

Torres for Hendriks appears to be “the move,” as Torres is under club control until 2024. He’s owed $10 million this year, and likely between $13 and $15 million in 2024. Hendriks is under contract for $14.33 million in 2023, with a $15 million team option for 2024.

Given that both teams have needs in those areas—the White Sox have a glaring vacancy at second base and the Yankees have an excess of middle infielders—exchanging an above-average second baseman for one of the best closers in the game seems like a good deal.