The Minnesota Twins not waiting much longer for Carlos Correa

The Minnesota Twins have been awaiting a decision from Carlos Correa. As they look to improve their roster, their patience is wearing thin.

The Minnesota Twins require Carlos Correa to make a decision

Minnesota Twins - Carlos Correa

The Twins want Carlos Correa back as the team’s centerpiece. The issue is that he is waiting to ensure that he has the right fit.

The Twins are now in a difficult situation. Correa’s decision has a direct impact on their offseason. According to the Star Tribune’s LaVelle E. Neal, the Twins’ patience may not last much longer because they need to know what direction to take for next year.

There is another possibility. Dansby Swanson is not the same player as Carlos Correa, but he would be an excellent addition to the lineup.

Swanson is also expected to cost far less than Correa, freeing up funds for the Twins to spend elsewhere on the roster. Saving those millions could make a huge difference for the Twins, who also need to address the rotation, bullpen, and other holes in the lineup.

That could be the Twins’ decision. While they want Correa back and the players want their former teammate to be around for the long haul, it takes two to tango. Meanwhile, pitchers are leaving the market, and the Twins’ options for improving their roster are dwindling.

Everything boils down to time. The longer Correa remains on the bench, the fewer options the Twins have. While time is on Correa’s side, it is not on the Twins’ side. And they will have to look elsewhere at some point.