The Giants have put Carlos Correa’s signing on hold after discovering medical concerns

The San Francisco Giants thought they had finally landed their superstar Carlos Correa to a 13-year, $350 million contract on Tuesday. But that is no longer possible.

What comes next for Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants?

Carlos Correa - the Giants

The Giants have yet to officially announce Correa’s signing, and the 28-year-old was supposed to be introduced to the media via press conference on Tuesday afternoon, but that will no longer happen.

According to Ronald Blum of the Associated Press, the introductory press conference has been postponed due to medical concerns. According to Susan Slusser, the issues arose after the results of Correa’s physical but are unrelated to his back.

It’s a massive change that could have a domino effect. The Giants may still get their man, but at a lower salary or for a shorter period of time.

There’s also the possibility of another team swooping in. The Minnesota Twins were thought to be finalists for Correa, but they ultimately only offered a 10-year, $285 million contract.


But it’s too early to predict what will happen here. Correa verbally agreed to terms with the Giants on December 13, but nothing is certain now.

The Giants still have their original shortstop, Brandon Crawford, on the roster for the time being, but they were clearly looking for an upgrade over the soon-to-be 36-year-old former All-Star.

At this point, we only know that the Giants canceled the press conference three hours before it was scheduled to begin and have yet to provide an explanation.

It is unclear whether the Giants attempted to renegotiate their original contract with the eight-year veteran. Correa has only ever played in 150 games or more once in his career, so it’s possible the Giants aren’t convinced of his long-term durability now that the physical results are in. Keep an eye on this one.