Rumor: The Mavericks will sign Facundo Campazzo to a one-year contract with the intention of converting it into a free-agent contract in 2023

Facundo Campazzo, who spent the previous two seasons with the Denver Nuggets, is nearing the end of a one-year minimum contract with the Mavericks. Here’s a closer look at his game, why he fits, and what it’s like to play with Luka Doncic.

The Mavericks will sign Facundo Campazzo to a one-year deal that will be converted to a free-agent contract in 2023

Facundo Campazzo
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The Dallas Mavericks were quick to find 1 new face after Jalen Brunson left as a free agent.

Dallas had the most success last season when they used two playmakers together, which is why they moved Brunson into the starting lineup and acquired Spencer Dinwiddie. Brunson’s departure left Doncic and Dinwiddie as the team’s only two ball handlers.

None of the Dallas players met the qualifications for the position that the Mavericks were offering. As a result, they were searching for players in the transfer market.

Campazzo has been a professional since 2011, and the 31-year-old began the 2017-2018 season alongside a teenage Doncic at Real Madrid, where they won the Euro League and Liga ACB titles. Despite his small stature, the 5’11 point guard handled some of the playmaking duties and is a tough defender.

Campazzo is an elite passer who makes numerous highlight-reel plays. Fans can see some of his best work with the Nuggets.

Transfers are proceeding smoothly, and we await an official announcement from Dallas.

Campazzo is not being brought in to play a significant role for the Mavericks. He’ll be their third-string point guard to begin the season and will most likely play ten to fifteen minutes per game when he’s in the lineup. The veteran will fill in for Dinwiddie or Doncic if either player is out, and he can also serve as a capable third guard if both players are out.

Facundo Campazzo will be the Dallas Mavericks’ 15th and final roster spot for the 2022-23 season. They’re planning another deep playoff run that fans won’t want to miss, so stay tuned for the latest.