MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis ”crashes” Melinda and Layton’s date night in a tight minidress to show off her ample assets

She has been dubbed the “hottest bride ever” on Married at First Sight. And Evelyn Ellis lived up to her reputation by going on a double date with coworkers Melinda Willis and Layton Mills in Sydney.

Evelyn Ellis shows off her ample breasts in a tiny dress

The 26-year-old model flaunted her figure in a low-cut skintight mini dress in photos taken after the MAFS finale was filmed in December.

Evelyn wore the skintight dress and white leather boots to show off her ample assets.

After Melinda and Layton renewed their wedding vows last Sunday, she didn’t mind being a third wheel on their date.

It was possible to see Evelyn’s rose tattoo on her thigh through the slit in the skirt of her dress, which had a cleavage-baring top, long sleeves, and a drawstring.

Her long raven hair was styled in loose waves, and she had a light golden tan.

Melinda, too, was stunning in an all-black ensemble consisting of a blazer and leggings with a white bustier top.

On Monday, Evelyn said her final goodbyes to her charming but socially awkward husband, Rupert.

The manager of marketing eventually became dissatisfied with the timid electrician’s lack of commitment and ended their relationship.

Her promises were not particularly harsh, but many viewers found humor in her brief speech.

Many people have taken to Twitter to applaud Evelyn for her “dry cleaning”-like wedding ceremony, in which she says her vows quickly and then leaves.

Mother Evelyn came, did her business, and left right away. One of her admirers proclaimed, “God, I love her so much.”

‘Evelyn just striding in and out as if she’s dropping off her dry cleaning,’ another person chimed in.