Lottie Moss shows off her eye-catching cleavage as she tops off for sizzling snaps – after returning from holiday in Australia

OnlyFans star has always been the type to go shirtless or minimally dressed. She is obviously not taking a break because on Tuesday (February 21), she uploaded three more suggestive photos to her Instagram account.

Lottie Moss bares her alluring breasts for some steamy pictures

Lottie Moss wore a leash belt and photography gloves for the steamy pictures, giving fans a look at her famously ample cleavage.

Lottie wore nothing but a pair of gloves and a chained belt around her waist, but that was enough to set pulses racing.

While walking the runway, the model wore her signature blonde hair in straight pigtails tied with a pink ribbon.

Lottie posed in front of a mirror, covering her chest with her arm and leaving her devoted followers wanting more.

Lottie’s graphic gloves with a print of lingerie models cover her bare arms in another steamy photo.

Lottie wore a pink choker necklace, had thick brows, fluttering lashes, and pink gloss on her full pout.

‘Everybody knows that I’m a good girl officer.’ Lottie wrote as a caption for her post.

The model hasn’t shy away from documenting her sunny trip to Australia with new boyfriend Daniel Steel, 25, with a series of posts that have gone viral on social media.

It comes after Lottie spoke out about her new romance and said that although the pair are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet, she ‘really likes’ Daniel.

She said: ‘Dan told me I have a really square jaw. I know, I have cheek filler but I didn’t intend to look like Lord Farquaad! I’m like mega insecure.

‘He is not my boyfriend yet… ahh didn’t mean to say yet! I’m not very good at relationships, I haven’t been in one for six years,’ she shared.

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