How to Get Diamond LeBron James in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Diamond LeBron James
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Calling all NBA 2K24 players! Are you ready to add the ultimate player to your MyTEAM roster? Look no further than Diamond LeBron James himself! In this guide, we will show you how to get your hands on this coveted card.

How to Get Diamond LeBron James in NBA 2K24

To obtain the Diamond LeBron James card, players must complete The Majestic: King James set during the MyTEAM Majestic event. This set consists of 12 cards, and you must acquire 10 of them through Agendas or from the Player and Pack Markets. The final two Diamond cards are Collection Rewards, which will be made available on specific dates, namely Nov. 17 and Nov. 22. The culmination of the Majestic event is the release of the highly anticipated LeBron James card.

The Majestic Event

The Majestic event takes place in four drops throughout November, providing players with exclusive Majestic Cards until Season 3. These cards include players like Ruby T.J. Warren and Emerald Darrell Armstrong, among others. Each card within the set requires completing specific challenges to unlock, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the journey of acquiring the Diamond LeBron James card.

Diamond LeBron James Attributes

Once you obtain the Diamond LeBron James card in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, you will have a player with exceptional attributes. Here are the attributes of the Diamond LeBron James card:

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Shooting/Scoring/Playmaking Attributes:

  • Shot Close: 95
  • Shot Mid: 85
  • Shot 3pt: 88
  • Offensive Consistency: 95
  • Driving Dunk: 97
  • Ball Handle: 87
  • Passing Accuracy: 90
  • Speed with Ball: 95

Defense/Rebounding Attributes:

  • Interior Defense: 90
  • Perimeter Defense: 90
  • Lateral Quickness: 93
  • Steal: 88
  • Block: 80
  • Defensive Rebound: 80


  • Speed: 96
  • Acceleration: 90
  • Vertical: 94
  • Stamina: 98

Undoubtedly, a 94 OVR Diamond LeBron James is a game-changer in MyTEAM, and acquiring him adds an unparalleled dimension to your virtual basketball experience. Follow the Majestic event timeline, complete challenges, and secure this iconic card to elevate your team to new heights in NBA 2K24.