Football Manager 2024 Guide: How to Change Highlight Speed

Change Highlight Speed Football Manager 2024

Highlights are a great way to relive the best moments of your Football Manager matches. But what if you could watch them at your own pace? With a few simple steps, you can change the highlight speed in Football Manager 2024 and customize your viewing experience.

Football Manager 2024 Guide: How to Change Highlight Speed

Increasing or decreasing the highlight speed in FM24 is a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter a Match: To change the highlight speed, you need to be in a live match. If you’re not already in one, navigate to a match situation by selecting a fixture to play or continuing a game you’re currently managing.
  • Access the Match Settings: In the top right corner of the screen during the live match, you’ll find a cogwheel icon. This icon represents your match settings and is the key to changing the highlight speed.
  • Adjust Match Speed During Highlights: Inside the match settings, you’ll see a slider labeled “Match Speed During Highlights.” This slider allows you to control the speed of your match highlights.
    • Move the slider to the left to slow down the highlights.
    • Move the slider to the right to speed up the highlights.

In addition to changing the highlight speed, you can also customize the extent of the highlights to suit your preferences. Just above the “Match Speed During Highlights” slider, you’ll find a drop-down menu that allows you to select the level of detail for your highlights.

The available options include:

  • Full Match
  • Comprehensive
  • Extended
  • Key
  • Only Commentary

By following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can fine-tune your match-watching experience to your liking. Whether you prefer detailed coverage or quick summaries, FM24 provides the flexibility to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Now you’re ready to take control of your football management journey with the perfect highlight settings. Enjoy the game!