Colin Cowherd reveals Andrew Wiggins’s precarious situation (Updated: Apr. 05)

Andrew Wiggins has missed 20 straight games for personal reasons, and it is not clear when he will go to court as the season comes to a close. Here are a few pieces of news Colin Cowherd found.

One rumor that Colin Cowherd claims to have heard concerns Andrew Wiggins

UPDATE (Apr. 05):

The Warriors’ star Andrew Wiggins has broken his silence.

The 28-year-old explained his sudden departure from the Golden State Warriors in an interview with reporters on Tuesday.

Wiggins has made it clear that his family is his top priority.

He said: “When you’re in a certain situation, and your family needs you and requires your attention and your love, that’s my first priority,”

Wiggins has been away from the Warriors’ last 22 games due to personal obligations.

In the press conference, he did not explain his lengthy absence. He preferred to keep that information to himself, his immediate family, and any other close relatives.

UPDATE (Apr. 04):

The Warriors are expected to have swingman Andrew Wiggins back in the lineup, perhaps as soon as this week, per multiple reports.

Andrew Wiggins is expected to return to the club this week after missing the last 21 games due to a personal problem, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Additionally, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports Wiggins plans to attend Golden State’s home game against the Thunder on Tuesday.

UPDATE (Apr. 02):

The injury that sidelined Andrew Wiggins will keep him out of tonight’s game against the Nuggets.

UPDATE (Apr. 01):

The first concrete evidence that Wiggins might make a return before the end of the season surfaced on Friday.

According to Jason Dumas of KRON4, Wiggins has returned to the Bay Area after being away for quite some time.


Steve Kerr says that despite the uncertainty surrounding Wiggins’ return date, Wiggins has been working out regularly, however, the Warriors won’t know his health status until he enters the building.

Kerr has stated that he will not bench Wiggins for the remainder of the season, so “there’s hope” that we will see him on the court again this year. Whether that happens in the final six games of the regular season or later in the playoffs is still up in the air (play-in games or playoffs).

Due to a family emergency, Wiggins has had to put his basketball career on hold for the time being, missing the last 20 games.

The comments made by Warriors players and coaches cast doubt on Wiggins’ potential return.

Draymond Green recently said “We’ll see” on his podcast when asked if Andrew Wiggins would be coming back.

Green’s response echoed the tone and word choice of Steve Kerr and others who have expressed doubt about Wiggins’s possible return this season.

Wiggins’ girlfriend, Mychal Johnson said this on Twitter about the Warriors star’s condition:

It is unknown if Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins will return for the rest of the season due to the team’s silence on the matter.

The Golden State Warriors’ season has been up and down. After last year’s NBA Finals run, they’ve had a rough go of it this year.

They are currently the fifth best team in the Western Conference with a 36-33 record.

The Warriors’ home record this year is par for the course for them. They have the second-best home record in the league (29-7), behind only the champions.

However, ever since they hit the road, their season has been a complete failure. They rank third in the NBA in road winning percentage (only the Spurs and Rockets have a worse mark).

One of their primary flaws in defensive capability. They continue to lose games, especially on the road, because they can’t seem to put an end to their opponents’ scoring.

A former All-Star team just lost one of their best defensive players. Andrew Wiggins has been absent from team activities due to personal matters. His timetable for rejoining the squad is currently unknown.

According to Colin Cowherd, there is widespread speculation that Wiggins will not make a return this season.

No one knows for sure what has kept Wiggins away for so long. While Wiggins is out, the Warriors organization as a whole has and will continue to support him.