Carlos Correa not ready to ‘restructuring’ Mets deal, three teams reached out

After the SF Giants backed out of their original contract due to medical concerns, the NY Mets swooped in to sign Carlos Correa. And now, the Mets are delaying making their move official due to the same concerns.

The latest on the New York Mets’ contract negotiations with Carlos Correa

New York Mets - Carlos Correa

Correa’s introductory press conference was postponed yet again due to medical concerns. The New York Mets had the same concerns as the Giants, specifically a right ankle injury he sustained while playing in the minor leagues years ago. However, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post, Correa is not interested in renegotiating the terms of the agreement.

While he prefers to play for the Mets over any other team, he and Boras believe his track record speaks for itself and there is no reason to change the contract both parties agreed to over an injury that occurred years ago.

Unlike what happened in San Francisco, the Mets and Correa are still in contact. According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, New York is ‘working through’ the medical issues and a deal is still likely.

However, it may not be as certain as previously believed. According to the New York Post, there is hope for a deal, but the chances of it all coming together are only 55%. More concerning for New York is the fact that three MLB teams have already expressed interest in re-engaging Correa in contract negotiations.

The Mets may be optimistic about their chances of reaching an agreement with Correa and Boras. But if those talks drag on too long or the Mets try to take too much money off the table, it’s reasonable to believe the All-Star slugger can be the face of a franchise or looks for other opportunities.