Bikini-clad Katie Price flaunts her ‘stretched skin’ after her daughter expresses concern over her breasts

Katie Price flaunts her body in a bikini while on vacation in Thailand, despite the fact that her daughter Princess has expressed concern about the ability of Katie’s body to ‘move’ following her 16th boob job.

After Katie Price got her 16th boob job, she showed off the “stretched” skin while on vacation in Thailand

The 44-year-old was seen in Thailand getting some sun while wearing a string bikini with red lips on it.

The former glamour model looked sure of herself as she walked to a sunlounger with her new, bigger breast implants.

Katie wore her long brown hair down and slipped on a pair of pink glitter Crocs as she walked to the pool to show off her growing collection of tattoos.

But earlier this week, Princess, Katie’s 15-year-old daughter, told her mom that she was “naturally pretty” before she went under the knife. This made Katie worry.

When her mom asked her on Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion if she was going to get her lips done, she said: “I want to say no, like you know how much surgery you’ve had…

“Can your body actually move? Because you stretch so much skin.”

Katie told her: “More surgery to come! Put it this way, when I’m 90 I’ll probably be transparent – you’ll see all my veins.”

The teen, who has decided against surgery, said: “It’s your body and your choice, I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery.

“But I think some people are so naturally pretty that they don’t actually need it. You were naturally pretty.”

Katie just had her 16th breast job, which was said to be part of her plan to have the “biggest” breasts in the UK.

She is said to have had 2120 CC implants put in at the end of last year to make her bust bigger. She was seen in a wheelchair after the surgery.

But, a source told she was in pain after the surgery: “Katie has been in agony with her new boobs as they are too big for her tiny frame, so they are giving her constant back ache.”

The model showed off her “butterfly lips” earlier this month, which were made possible by a small change.

She posted a video on Instagram showing off her new fillers and saying: “You probably think ‘what’s she doing?’

“Yes this is numbing cream, it’s that day. The day has come for lips and botox. I don’t like needles much.”

After getting the tweak at Lift Aesthetics, she showed off the results, which gave her a big pout with her lips curling at the top and bottom.

Katie has had a number of cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, a facelift, Botox, and several breast augmentations, over the years.

Katie had a botched boob job in 2015, right before she went on Celebrity Big Brother. It left her with a hole in her breast and an implant sticking out of her chest.

In a YouTube video she made after she won CBB, she said: “The night before that they wanted me out of the house – the doctors and that – because my implant was hanging out.”

Katie had surgery to fix her breasts after she left. Over the years, she has had more boob jobs (16).